Minecraft PE

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Tricky Trials Update

Download the free version of Minecraft Tricky Trials apk with Xbox Live support and find out about all the innovations that have appeared in the cubic world.

Minecraft PE Beta

Developers are well aware of the need to constantly update existing objects, mobs, and other aspects of the game. But another important factor for the cubic world is the absence of a large number of errors.

In Minecraft, it will be useful for users to know that previously configured controls will not return to this state after the player completes the flight. Also, the control settings screen will switch to another mode.

The possibilities of Breeze

Many users who have already visited Trial Chamber have learned about the features of this mob. As a rule, it should appear in Minecraft PE from Trial Spawner or its more dangerous version – Ominous.

Before attacking, he starts jumping around his victim, and then shrinks and can jump up 5 or 15 blocks in length. This allows him to attack even a player who is at a considerable distance. But if the hero still manages to defeat him, he will receive very valuable items:

  1. Breeze Rod – the only way to get this item is to defeat a dangerous opponent;
  2. Wind Charge is a variant of ranged weapons that the player can use against his enemies.

Other changes

As you know, earlier in the cubic world, not only the ability to tame wolves and make them your pets was added. In Minecraft Tricky Trials, you can also secure it with Wolf Armor.

This item is crafted from shields that can be obtained from Armadillo. The developers have also fixed some bugs related to the use of this item. Another important change is that a new sound has been added in this version. It occurs if a player tries to gain access to a Vault they have previously opened.


  • What is the Heavy Core used for in Minecraft PE

    For crafting Maces.
  • How does Breeze attack players in MCPE

    Using the wind.
  • How can a player get a weapon called Wind Charge?

    Beat the Breeze.