Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Beta, Tricky Trials Update

Download the free version of Minecraft Tricky Trials apk with Xbox Live support and use the new functionality of various blocks and weapons to get the most valuable rewards.

Minecraft PE Beta

For each user of the cubic world, the developers try to create the most suitable conditions for the development of their skills. That is why in the game you can not only fight monsters but also look for valuable items or resources, as well as blocks for construction.

The maximum of new features is provided to players by the location, which received the name Trial Chamber in Minecraft By the way, now mobs will not be generated naturally in it. They will only appear from the Spawner.


Players can find all kinds of items in different biomes of the cubic world. For example, in the desert, you can do archaeological excavations or even go on a trip to collect all the templates for blacksmithing.

But in Minecraft PE Tricky Trials, the most interesting is the Trial Chamber. It is not easy to find it, so it is better to immediately purchase a map with the route from one of the villagers.

In this underground location, players can find valuables such as:

  1. Copper and Tuff for use in home decoration;
  2. Treasures that are locked in the Vault;
  3. You can also get a valuable reward by defeating all the enemies from the Spawner.


One of the possible opponents that may appear from Trial Spawner is Breeze. A unique creature in Minecraft is one of the most dangerous opponents.

He attacks players with gusts of wind that simply knock them down. The player takes damage from falling and loses coordination. But if you still manage to defeat this windy opponent, the hero will receive his attacks as a reward.

This version also provides for the replacement of Breeze rods for use from a third person.


  • What loot does a player get in Minecraft PE for winning on Breeze?

    His wind charges.
  • Where is the largest amount of copper and tuff in MCPE

    In the Trial Chamber.
  • What is Mace used for?

    This is a melee weapon.