Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and explore every corner of the Trial Chamber to find all the most valuable things in this location.

Minecraft PE Beta

The gameplay in the cubic world directly depends on the coordinated work of the game developers. And they would not disappoint their users, because they regularly try to release updates and fix bugs.

At the moment, Minecraft has many interesting and exciting activity options for any player. They can fight a dangerous opponent, collect unique resources, or find a new friend.

Trial Chamber

The new structure that can be found in Overworld is available to players in Minecraft PE It consists of underground corridors connected by rooms. This place is quite gloomy, but at the same time, it is of great interest to every user.

Go to the Trial Chamber if you want to find copper or tuff blocks, they will be useful not only in construction but also in the process of decorating buildings. Also, players who are looking for alternative ways to illuminate the space can take a closer look at the Copper Bulb available here.

A new friend

Another neutral mob appears in the vastness of Minecraft Players who followed or even participated in user voting this year already know all the features of the Armadillo, and now it is time to get to know it personally.

This animal lives in the savannah, where it feeds on the eyes of a spider and curls up if it sees danger nearby. His back is covered with durable shields, which he periodically sheds. They are available for use as Wolf Armor, but they can only be used on a tamed mob.

By the way, in this version, the mob received new sounds from the developers. It also emits vibrations if it unfolds or, conversely, collapses. Keep this in mind during the game.


  • Where can I find Breeze in Minecraft PE

    In Trial Chambers.
  • Which mob drops its armor in MCPE

  • What is Crafter for?

    To automate the process of creating things.