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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live.

Download the full version of Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live : forest mansion, treasure map, totem of immortality, new mobs and much more!

Minecraft Pocket Edition – What’s New?

The Mojang development team has finally released the new Minecraft PE beta. This time, they were able to add much more content that will allow players to immerse themselves even more in the exploring the game world .

FACT : The second official name of the update branch is Discovery Update.


The first important change in the entire update is the appearance of a new dungeon . In it, you can find 3 floors on which various rooms are located.

To find a mansion in Minecraft PE, you will need a treasure map from a cartographer.

FACT : The Forest Mansion is the largest structure in the whole Minecraft Pocket Edition world.

Be careful, because at any moment you can be attacked by the inhabitants of the building , of which there are three types.

Title Description Features
Champion A gray “villager” who is armed with an iron ax. Can break down doors.
Caller Another inhabitant of the Minecraft PE mansion, who drops the totem of immortality after his death. Cannot attack itself, but summons jaws and vexes.
Vexor Small gray mob summoned by the summoner. After a while he dies himself. Can walk through blocks.


Also, Minecraft PE programmers were able to immediately implement four new blocks . And three of them are ideal for decoration and construction .


A universal block in Minecraft, which, in any connection with its own kind, gives a a beautiful pattern . Ideally suitable for decoration of some galleries or similar buildings.

To get it, you need to fry the terracotta you need.

Cement and concrete

Two building blocks appeared in the Minecraft beta. Moreover, each of them is quite functional in and of itself.

Cement is a block that has a similar physics to sand or gravel, that is, it falls.

By combining it with water, players can get concrete , which can later be used to decorate a place.

By the way, concrete in Minecraft PE has many advantages over the same wool that builders often use:

  • does not burn like wool;
  • has a smoother and brighter color.

FACT: You can also get concrete when cement falls into lava.

Shulker Crate

A small container with a capacity of exactly 27 cells allows the user of Minecraft PE to store much more items .

Only if a regular chest can store resources only while it is on the ground, then the shulkerbox works differently.

FACT : The texture and model of the box are taken from Shulker.

A player in Minecraft can load it to the eyeballs, then break it, pick it up and unload somewhere 10,000 blocks from the original place .


The new Minecraft Pocket Edition update also brought in two new items .

Treasure Map

The map allows you to find one of the two main dungeons in Minecraft

  • underwater temple;
  • forest mansion.

Agree, no one wants to run thousands of blocks in a hopeless search for something like that.

To purchase a treasure map in Minecraft PE you will need a 4th level of trade with a cartographer and order 12-28 emeralds with a compass .

Totem of Immortality

A small statuette, thanks to which in Minecraft you can save your life from certain death . The mechanism of work, by the way, is extremely simple:

  • the user is critically hit;
  • the totem restores the Nth part of the damage;
  • Regeneration and Absorption effects are applied;
  • the item is destroyed.

IMPORTANT : This item can only be obtained in Minecraft PE after killing the summoner.


  • How to use Xbox Live in Minecraft PE

    Just login using the button in the main menu of MCPE After that, you will have the opportunity to play online with friends, as well as obtain achievements.
  • How to get ceramic tiles in the game?

    To get it, you need to fry the terracotta with the required color.
  • What is the shulkerbox for in MCPE

    The player can load it to the eyeballs, then break it, pick it up and unload it somewhere in 10,000 blocks from the original place.